Kurosu, A. Design Science

Auto Auto Rain Guard

October 2018 : Aaron Kurosu & Victor Charpentier

For those moments when it's raining, and you are trying to get in and out of your car, imagine if your car door had a built-in umbrella! This design employs an origami folded material embedded in the frame of your car's door. Opening and closing the door erects and stores the rain guard automatically. Hence the inspiration for its name: the automatic automobile rain guard.

Background information: This project was as a submission to the 2019 Lexas design contest. We did not win, but we did have fun. Victor is an expert in folded structures. We both enjoy using Grasshopper and think a lot about generative designs.

photo opened 80 degrees
Relatively short video: The concept.
opening and closing


installing in card door
testing the spread
grasshopper and folding
photo opened 80 degrees
Relatively long video: Includes clips about the process.