Kurosu, A. Design Science

Paruva Kalaam

2010 : Michael Roller, Lisa Barlow, & Aaron Kurosu for Kaleidoscope

While I was working at Kaleidoscope I worked on a social impact research project with Design Impact and ODAM. Lisa Barlow, my colleague, designed the final packaging. My position on the team was to focus on the research design and execution. We sought input from the kinds of people who use Tom's of Maine toothpaste (before Clorox bought them) and Dr. Bronner's soap. It was interesting to hear their perspective as we involved them in games that tested different branding strategies. Including, for example, first-person narratives from the women who create the soap—which we abandoned because they were perceived to be disingenuous. The final design focuses on "paruva kaalam," or rather, the enduring seasons of Tamil Nadu.

The soap is made by women in a village in Tamil Nadu. Selling the soap to Americans helps to bring some income to their community. It's a 100% fair trade product.

This project won runner up honors in the 2012 Core77 awards. It was also a finalist for the 2012 IDEA awards.