Kurosu, A. Design Science

Fruit Bowl

2008 : Aaron Kurosu

Did you know that stone fruit, like peaches and nectarines, benefit from being paired with an apple and a paper bag? Before you put a stone fruit in the refrigerator, you must let it ripen. Otherwise, it will never be sweet once it has been exposed to cold temperatures. To speed up the process, place a stone fruit in a bag with apples. The ethylene released from the apples will help the stone fruit along.

My design bends a sheet of metal within the dimension of a standard paper bag. The design was inspired by Art Nouveau. I cut organic shapes from the metal and deformed them so that they would hold three pieces of fruit. The idea is that you'd buy apples and peaches, put them in this "fruit bowl." Then place a paper bag over it to ripen it. Once the fruit is ripe, remove the bag, and the fruit is ready to enjoy!

Fun fact! Inside the pit of a peach is an almond; it's not the same kind that you'd normally eat, but it's related.