Kurosu, A. Design Science


2017 : Aaron Kurosu & Alexander Todorov

Industrial designers think they can design shapes that will elicit a predictable response in others. Prove it? Well here is my evidence:

Kurosu, A, & Todorov, A. (2017) The shape of novel objects contributes to shared impressions. Journal of Vision, 17, 1-20.

Link to the Journal of Vision.
Supplemental Information: PDF (245KB).

Something is interesting in my supplemental section; I compare our approach (using shape-parameters), to contemporary approaches using image statistics (e.g., image complexity, familarity, fractal dimension, fourier spatial frequency amplitude, volume, surface area size, and surface curvature) for predicting the impressions people have of objects. The results of the comparison show that researching aesthetics in terms of shape-parameters is very promising!

photo of shape-families